Can I retake the course if I do not pass it the first time?

Yes! You will be provided instructions on how to retake the final exam if you do not pass. Exam retakes are taken online and are offered at no additional cost to you.

How long is the final exam?

The final exams for LSVT Training and Certification courses typically include 40-50 questions. The average time to complete the exams is 15-20 minutes. The exams are not timed, so you can relax and move at your own pace.

The LSVT Renewal courses have fewer questions. LSVT BIG Renewal final exam has 10 questions and LSVT LOUD Renewal course does not currently include a final exam.

Why did my online course stop in the middle of my session? Do I need to retake that portion again?

An interruption during the presentation of a course may be due to a weak or unstable internet connection. To avoid 'dropping' during course instruction, please ensure you are using a browser and an internet service that meets the LMS System Requirements for your course.

If your course is interrupted, you will be able to continue the course and proceed from the module you were attending when connectivity was lost.

Is an Online course as good as a Live or Virtual Live course?

Yes. All LSVT Training and Certification courses including virtual live and in-person courses have the same content, references, and exams.

Please take note of the CEU's awarded for the completion of all courses as these credit amounts can differ.

What if I need more time to complete my course?

LSVT Global will provide you with one complimentary, 30-day extension on each course you purchase. To receive your one time course extension, please contact LSVT Global Support at info@lsvtglobal.com

If additional time is still needed, a second course extensions is available for purchase. The extension will provide you with an additional 30-days to access the course beginning from the date of purchase. To purchase an extension, please contact us at info@lsvtglobal.com