LSVT BIG Homework Helper DVDs

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The family of LSVT BIG Homework Helper DVDs were designed to supplement LSVT BIG treatment and can be used by both clients and LSVT BIG professionals by simply inserting a disc into a standard DVD player.  The videos can help:

  • Prior to treatment - as an introduction to LSVT BIG exercises
  • During treatment - as a guide to supplement your LSVT BIG therapy
  • After treatment - as motivation to keep practicing and moving BIG

Volume 1:  Standing and One-sided Support

Do you want to practice moving BIG?  The LSVT BIG Homework Helper, Volume 1 (one) video can help.  This volume guides you through LSVT BIG movements using two distinct positions:  1) standing and self-supported, and 2) standing while using a stationary fixture for support.   

Volume 2:  Seated and Supine

Practice BIG without challenging your balance! LSVT BIG Homework Helper, Volume 2 (two) guides you through adaptations of the LSVT BIG exercises so you can be seated or in a supine position (lying down). Don’t miss the bonus chapter on helpful tips for clients and caregivers alike!

Choose one OR buy BOTH volumes and SAVE almost 20%

Important Note

These videos do NOT replace physical or occupational therapy.  They were developed to guide you through exercises and should only be used with the approval and guidance of your physical or occupational therapist.