University Training Opportunities

Join the global network of universities that have partnered with LSVT Global to provide LSVT Training and Certification to their students. 


The LSVT Global University Training Program has helped faculty from over 100 universities to enhance the academic value of their neuro coursework by giving speech, physical, and occupational therapy students the opportunity to become certified in LSVT LOUD® or LSVT BIG®. 

Professors have the flexibility of choosing the learning timeframe and method, whether the students learn individually or together as they complete the self-paced online LSVT LOUD or LSVT BIG Training and Certification Course. Organizing a group requires minimal faculty time. Simply gather the names and emails of students and we do the rest!


Group Rates for University Training 

$30 additional discount per student or resident with groups of five or more PT, PTA, OT, OTA, and/or SLP students. Faculty and affiliated clinicians can also qualify for discounted rates and need not be previously certified.


Students have no additional fees or required training to upgrade to professional status after they graduate. 

How do students benefit?  

- Increases students’ skills and confidence working with individuals who have Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other adult and pediatric neurological conditions affecting voice and movement.


- Students discover how to integrate principles of neuroplasticity and motor learning theories learned in the classroom into the treatment through LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG.


- Competitive edge when seeking internships and jobs.


- Reduced registration rates. 

How does it work?  

1. Share the opportunity with students and faculty in your program.  

2. Contact us to let us know about your university and that you have a group to register! 

3. LSVT Global will send you a sign-up form where you can list the learners, their preferred learning format, the dates you’d like to offer it, and your payment preference.


4. Acceptable forms include credit card, PayPal, check or money order. In most cases, students pay individually, but payment for the whole group is also possible. 

5. LSVT Global will email each person customized registration and learning instructions pertaining to their course.

6. LSVT Global provides sixty days of course access beginning on the day each person registers. For universities choosing a group learning format, LSVT Global will provide you with ideas for hands on practice of LSVT exercises and methods, interprofessional discussion and learning, plus tips for technical success.  

Introductory Webinars and Other Courses on LSVT LOUD & LSVT BIG

Prior to offering the LSVT Training and Certification Courses to your students, you can take  advantage of easy ways to inform students about LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG, saving you hours of work creating a lecture.

If you are LSVT Certified, we encourage you to utilize the informational lecture slides and videos found in  your LSVT Clinician Account.  


For Physical and Occupational Therapy Programs

For Speech and Hearing Science Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer this to students any time of the year? 
Yes. With the Online LSVT BIG or LSVT LOUD Training and Certification Courses, you can offer them whenever it makes the most sense for your program. 

Can LSVT Global faculty come to my university to give the course? 
We recommend using the Online LSVT Training and Certification Courses, which are taught by the same instructors as the live course. The courses are designed to be very interactive and engaging.  If you are interested in incorporating hands on practice and live discussion with your students, we can provide you with many ideas! We are also happy to arrange for a Q & A session on Zoom following the training. 

If your university is interested in hosting a Virtual Live or In-Person LSVT Training and Certification Course that is not only for your students, but open for general professional and student registration, click HERE to learn more. LSVT Courses are typically scheduled at least 8 – 12 months in advance. 

Can undergraduate students get certified in LSVT?
Students must be enrolled in professional graduate programs for physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech and hearing sciences.  We also allow second year PTA and OTA students to register.  We recommend that students have some fundamental knowledge of Parkinson’s and neuro coursework before taking the LSVT Training and Certification Course. 

Can students attend live courses? 
Yes, students are welcome to attend any of our virtual live or in-person courses at the same discounted rate.  Please contact us if you have a group of five or more students and/or professionals who would like to register for online, virtual live, and/or in-person courses. Course types can be mixed and matched.