LSVT Coach - Professional Edition


Sales of the LSVT Coach Professional Edition are permitted for

LSVT LOUD certified clinicians only.

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Help your LSVT LOUD clients see results while you automate your data collection! The LSVT Coach – Professional Edition combines software with a calibrated microphone to measure the strength of your client’s voice. 

The LSVT Coach provides real-time feedback and can save you time and improve efficiency. You can easily collect valid and reliable measures, including sound pressure level (loudness), frequency (pitch), and duration.

Not familiar with the LSVT Coach? Click here to learn more about it.

If you will be using the LSVT Coach – Professional Edition in a setting where you will be sharing with other LSVT LOUD certified clinicians, you can purchase additional user licenses and microphones at a discounted rate. LSVT Global provides you with two options:

  1. An LSVT Coach additional user license PLUS a microphone for each certified professional who would like to use their own personal computer.
  2. An additional LSVT Global user license only (without a microphone) for your peers that would like to share a microphone with you in a centralized working area.

To purchase these add-on options, please contact LSVT Global at

LSVT Coach Minimum System Requirements

A personal computer installed with:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 or 11 operating system
  • Microsoft Excel®

Note:  The LSVT Coach is NOT compatible with any Mac® computer or macOS® operating system.