LSVT Coach - Client Edition

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Sales of the LSVT Coach Client Edition are permitted for individuals who have completed LSVT LOUD treatment and are under the supervision of an LSVT LOUD certified clinician.

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Use your personal LSVT Coach - Client Edition to practice your LSVT LOUD voice exercises! It’s the same technology you’ve been using when you work with your LSVT LOUD professional, but designed to supplement your training at home. The LSVT Coach product combines software with a calibrated microphone to measure the strength of your voice as you practice.

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To purchase the LSVT Coach – Client Edition, you must be working with an LSVT LOUD certified clinician.  LSVT Global will verify the name and certification status of your LSVT LOUD professional before your order is fulfilled and shipped.

LSVT Coach Minimum System Requirements

A personal computer installed with:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 or 11 operating system
  • Microsoft Excel®

Note:  The LSVT Coach is NOT compatible with any Mac® computer or macOS® operating system.